Thursday, August 5, 2010


I am so excited to finally get to a farmers market. Look at this delishishness.. I read on my friends face book about this farmers market and I was so excited. I got beets yummy..and I will have to try them baked all cut up in little pieces Reena..yours looked so good. I really liked them boiled and with butter, salt and pepper... I also got little red skin potatoes, peaches for hubby and the kids, Some tomatoes till ours turn good and red.....and

three kinds of lettuce..bib, red and green leaf..I can't wait to clean it all and eat all this freshness. I haven't been to a farmers market since I lived in Pittsburgh, my girlfriend and I would go every thursday and stock up for the week, it was so fun. I wanted to get corn and green beans but they didn't have much and the place I got the peaches from had already sold out. The great news is, I was talking to one of the vendors and he mentioned that starting next week they will be having this market in North Canton on fridays right in the same parking lot as Fazolie's. 3-7 then be in the amish store all winter.. Woo WHOO ..
Truth be known I had thee hardest time staying away from all the breads and cakes Amish made and one stand it was all natural breads....But I made it through.. Now I'm going to clean veggies...

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Sue said...

Looks good! I LOVE oven roasted beets with garlic, butter, salt & pepper! I have been eating WAY too much corn on the cob...everyone but Anna is tired of it but me! LOL Much love to you!