Monday, July 27, 2009


It is great that we are smiling in this picture we took of ourselves. It is Sunday at 3:00 pm and we hadn't eaten a thing all day.First this is how things went after we left Megan's party.. we were 20 minutes on the road back to Ohio around 9:30 pm when all of a sudden Mike pulls off the side of the road and gets out. I thought oh boy he is sick again, yep I was right he was sick from eating to much dairy. Mike is all of a sudden lactose intolerant and over did it. But he did take a couple of his pills for it. I think he waits to long to see if he needs it or not. My autumn was in the back seat of course texting everyone back at the party. I get a phone call is everything ok. I told Suzie and of course Mike did not want to turn around he just wanted to get back home. So we continued stopping three more times...We got home around 12:30 am and hubby didn't fall asleep till 5:30 am, feeling fine. So all that to say this is what was ahead of us for the day.

This was a drive in resturant we stopped at to finally eat. It is pretty good across from the Soap Box Derby and the Akron Rubber Bowl.

And here is where it all started. Hubby got a phone call as we were headed to lowes to look at flowers. He gets off the phone and says my offices are flooded!!! What happened? I don't know yet, one of the ladies stopped by and said water is coming out the doors and thru the halls. So away we went. One of the pipes from the water heater broke, I was trying to go office to office getting paper work and important items off the floor. Hubby got the wet vac and we got brooms, First Mike had to get up in the ceiling and get valve shut off, what a mess. Then we sucked up water for quite awhile. He did what we could till today when he got some of his guys to rent some big fans to air and dry things up. We washed up, locked things up and proceeded to head home.

So on the way home we stopped at one of his stores to get gas, and I look back and here he comes carrying a caution sign and some milk crates to put on one of these round things. It was cracked and needs repaired. He finally got in the truck and I said Honey you almost have an 8 hour day in on a Sunday..We laughed. You can think your day is going to be one way and can turn around in an instant to something copletely different.

Here is Hubby with the wet vac. One thing that is good is we got to be together and It wasn't as bad as we thought it was. Plus very blessed it wasn't something worse like someone broke in or fire...Thank God all in all we had a good day.

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