Monday, July 20, 2009


So I start changing my wall decor around. This arrangement I had some of it in my foyer, and I can't find my before picture of what was on this wall. But the prints and vases were in the foyer the shelf is in the same place in my dinette area. Right now I'm likeing different things depending on my mood.. Olive greens and oranges, browns more muted colors. This grouping is in my kitchen area. I love the vibrant colors all of this came from Home Interiors last year. I was a consultant for them, but have since came back to being full time momma, To my two teenagers. Boy this looks awful crooked..seriously it isn't.
Here is my foyer now, yes I know what a difference in colors. This is more greens, grays, black and whites. The pictures, I posted a little while back from my garage sale find. The shelf, bonsai tree on shelf and green vase along with greenery under shelf are from Home Interiors. The other plants are real and the corner stand I also got at a Auction several years ago from a furniture company going out of business. I had read on another blog that redid their stairway darker with a mineral stain I believe, I think that is what I want to do. I am not an oak person and when we built our home 17 years ago that was the thing, so I have oak everywhere. YUK!! Sorry for the ones that like it, it is a nice wood but for me I am sooo tired of it. I wanted to paint all my trim white, well at least the one in the spare bedroom all white but I was told it won't look good on oak???? Has anyone painted over oak and if so how did it turn out?

This was my foyer before I got bored and changed it to the picture on top. Any comments would be nice. I also want to paint this little wall a different color more bold, it blends to much for me with the oak...see what I mean I so dislike this OAK... Hubby says then lets sell the house ???? I can't do that now we are putting an addition on for my parents and we have to stay in this school district for 5 more years... Then WE will put that sign up and head to a warmer area.....somewhere where all you nice Southern Belles live. Dad just wants to be on the east cost on the ocean, that is his dream. I told him it might not be right on it but it will be alot closer to drive to in one day...Hubby will still be working but he has many regions in the U.S. he can go to. Who knows only our Lord.. we know a lot can change one minute to the next. Well thanks for listening to me and I would love to hear any comments on my wall displays. This addition is keeping me in the house to long instead of out with my gardens in the back yard....LOL Till next time may God bless you.

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Sue said...

Like what you did...especially the foyer. Love the green! What do you mean move?!?! Closer to here, I hope!