Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Final Days In New England!!!!

This is the top of the parking deck we parked on the 7th floor down around Boston Harbor. This is downtown Boston. It was really nice and plenty to do.

They have a tour thru Boston we took on what was called a duck. They used them back in the war days and it goes from land to water. An yes that is exactly what we did, from streets of Boston into the Harbor. Well when we got into the Harbor guess who got to drive us around and under a bridge???? Yep it was Autumn, she did pretty good to with alittle help. We took the last trip out in the evening it was gorgous... Alot of information was givin and our guide was hilarious.

This is what the Duck looked like. and we even got the patriotic one. The Cost was 25.oo per person and the tour was about 1 1/2 hours long.. But what you don't know is after 2hours in the parking deck it cost 35.oo... ouch. But we went back the next day and guess what??? we had to pay another 35.00 for day two...We did enjoy our time though.

This was a very cold day at the beach in New Hampshire. Wow about 5 minutes and we said lets go get sweatshirts....crazy weather for end of June. I so love the ocean.

And so does our Autumn. Once again she had know clue it was cold...and away she was going...

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