Thursday, July 9, 2009


What a wonderful day just perfect and peaceful. It was in the low 80's and nice and sunny. got up and got my children off to where they needed to be at 9:00 am. Autumn had cheerleading till 11 and my Michael had to be at his last day of driving school till noon. So I dropped them off and came home to a very yummy breakfast prepared by my Dad. He had fried potatoes and Slovenian sausage and scrambled eggs with sauted onion in them and toast with blackberry jelly. YUMMY... Thank you Dad!!!! then I went out to the patio to sit and enjoy my birds that flock all over the back yard in the feeders and sing. Took my little girls out with me Lizzy my Scottish terrier, and Lexi my westie.. , they played and chased birds and rabbits along with chipmunks and moles yuk! while I took in all the sun for about an hour. Got some clothes washed and that is never ending in this house, boy do we go thru the towels and wash clothes.... anyways I picked Autumn up and came home and worked in the yard alittle till I needed to go get Michael. And on the way home two streets over was a garage sale,Of course I asked Michael to go down that street and drive real slow so I can see. and the sweet son that he is he did. Oh I saw... never mind I will post tomorrow on that with pic's to go with it. But on to my day< I sat back on the patio for awhile when my mother-in-law stopped by, and we visited. After her leaving I was out on the front porch waiting for hubby to call so I could order pizza at a new place, and I read the newspaper out there in my chair with a nice glass of iced tea. I have lemon balm growing and I put that in my tea oh how refreshing it is. We got dinner and all ate outside on the patio and then Autumn needed to be taken to the bowling ally all the cheerleaders had a get together there grades 8Th thry 12Th. I called my Autumn to see if she had a good time and of course she did. I had to laugh because she said "Mom we hardly bowled we all talked and talked they could of just had us meet at an ice cream stand and we would have had fun.".. I think it is so great how they interact all the girls together and put them in groups to get to know each other. I do have to say I am very impressed with alot of these girls..the talent and the respect for each other plus they seem to have a good head on their shoulders..Of course there is always a few you question but not many at all with these ladies..So here is a picture of my Autumn and some of her cheer friends at bowling (TALKING)..Autumn is on right 2ND one in ...Love you sweet one. I miss her right now she stayed over with her friend McKenzie and they are going boating all day tomorrow. McKenzie is in back row on left... Well I am so thankful for this day and I spent it all outside and I am ready to go to bed now, with sweet relaxing dreams. Good night dear friends until tomorrow I'll post about my garage sale buys....

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