Friday, July 10, 2009


First is Hubby's tomatoes he is growing in a pickle bucket.. But we started them from seed. And look how big they are getting. We now have blossoms on them I sure hope we get some wonderful tasting tomatoes. last year the bugs ate them, so we planted in buckets instead of the ground. We were going to try the up side down ones but thought we'd try this first. I'll let you know.
Don't this look fresh? This is my basil and it is so fragrant and good.

Next is my parsley on the top step and my dill on the next step, oh I forgot my lemon balm I'm using this for our iced tea. How are your herbs and gardens growing this year?

Now for the change part.. We are building an in-law suite for my parents off the back of the garage. Tonight this big tree is going to be cut down boo hooo. I hate loosing a tree, Dad is like me we love our tree's.No I'm not a tree hugger..well I know it has to go.

We had to move all the flowers on the side of the patio that is on the garage side. An the dirt was so dry it was like dust and very hard. We do need some good rain around here it has been awhile it goes north of us or south. Anyways My parents moved in one year ago, they are in their 60's but mom has some health issues with arthritis and knee's and back. We thought the best thing would be for them to move in and we are building a living area, bedroom, efficient kitchen and a bath. The guys for the foundation should be here next week. I know Dad and Mom are so excited to get in. I will be posting the progress as it comes.. I'm excited more decorating to do YES... When they get moved in I am redoing my dinning room. That is what they are using now as their bedroom....Till next time have a safe happy and relaxing summer.

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