Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Pittsburgh Family and Sweet 16

The day we have been waiting for, our Megan's Sweet 16 Birthday. Look at her what a beautiful young Lady. This is our gift to Megan a Vera Bradley purse. She had picked this pattern out and told her Mom. Mike and I wanted to get her something that she really really wanted. Now I can add pieces to this. I was amazed how many different items there was. Her Aunt Lori got her the wallet that goes with this.. I never really knew much about Vera Bradley.....But I sure do now!! Oh honey....I picked out my pattern also.....LOL Well look at this..My Dear Friend Pammy, she is the youngest of the three sister's. I'm so happy to have this time back with my childhood 2ND family. They all make you feel so welcome and at home. I just feel like there has been know time that has past, and yet we have so many things to catch up on, twenty years of it. But we can all be together and raise our children together. Pammy has been thru so much over the years, and to hear about it just breaks my heart. But this was all in the past. Now Pammy has her whole life ahead of her and this is going to be the best for her...The tide has turned watch out world.....I love you girl...

Well what a duo we have here. This is Megan's mom, my wonderful friend Susie along with her Mom , my childhood 2ND Mom Judy. Judy makes some wonderful chicken we called Chicken Bucket chicken. Does anyone remember back in mid to late 70's when they had a pressure cooker that came out called Chicken Bucket??? Well that is what she cooks her chicken in and let me tell you it is out of this world.....Delisous...One Suzie's birthday that is what her mom makes her for dinner....And Guess what Momma Judy said let her know and we can come over and she will make some for us, My Hubby needs to taste it.

This pictures says ORNERY!!!! these two together watch out...Look at my hubby holding Suzie's glass of milk for her so she can eat her sweet that is...No they did that for the picture. Hubby said here I will hold your milk for you...Miss Independent says..Oh know I can do it myself...really I don't need anyone to hold it for me...Then I said oh I'm needy I do....So she says for the picture here Mike you can hold my milk for the picture LOL

Is this a group of princesses or what. I love it all of us together. First Suzie, Me, Lori, Debbie,and Pammy. I think we took 5 pictures of us someone always had a funny face or look. Debbie is also a very good childhood friend of the family, and Debbie and I have the same birthday in October. I won't say who is older....hmmmm.

Till next time girls I can't wait. I think Suzie and her children will be coming up around end of August for a couple days, right before my children start school on the 25Th. Between us we have 12 children our next generation. And the next birthday will be Miss Suzie...and know don't ask who is the oldest out of that is not very nice..I was raised to never ask a lady her age...Well I guess it wouldn't be the age just who is oldest...OK that would be me....I am the oldest and yes Pammy gets to be the youngest...But that is where it stops NO AGES....LOL


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun party! I live in the SE suburbs of Columbus. We finally got some rain yesterday here too, thank goodness.

Sue said...

You are so funny!!! I especially love the picture of Mike holding my milk! I will always laugh at that...maybe that is what made him sick!? I am so very glad that you guys came up...THANK YOU!!!! Miss you already, though! Will see you in a few weeks! Love, me