Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Do Have Two Children

My oldest is Michael and he turned 16 a couple monthes ago..See this picture this is what I get when the camera faces him..So now he thinks its funny that I can't get a face shot of him...WELL This was taken after we got home from getting his Blimpie fix. I tried to take his picture coming out of Blimpies, he dodged me and came around the cars....So after saying darn you Michael.I am your MOTHER and I deserve to have pictures of you. People are going to think she only loves her Autumn...Or later in life you will say Mom there are know pictures of me...So when we got home and he got out of the car he said Mom go ahead!!! Yippy, I said you look like you are holding your first fish..LOL. Thank you so much son for making your Moma so happy. Well wouldn't you know later that day the neighbor said hey did Michael get his driving license today? I said not yet. He said oh I saw you taking his picture with him holding something up>>HAAA HAAA HHAAAA. I was laughing so hard I said oh That was his Blimpie sandwich....Then told him the story.
It ended up being a picture day for him, look how precious they are my little Scottish Terrier Lizzy and my Sweet son after working on the addition.

My Michael just loves his Grandpa so much. Boy these two can be rowdy and ornery..But they are each others Buddies. Michael is the oldest on my Side of the Family and So far the only boy, why I say that is my brother is trying to adopt little Tylor but I will post on that later on. So now that everyone see's I do have a son and I'm not playing favorites..You have met my awesome family from parents down to my Fur babies except my little westie that you will meet soon.

Michael and Grandma , watching tree being cut down. First thing he says in the morning or when he comes home where is Grandma, where is Grandpa... when will Grandpa be home from work. My parents have lived with us right now for one year. and when Micheal was little they lived with us for awhile. He is close to them, Michael said why do you need to move into the addition? You can stay here...God love him

Michael so far this summer did summer gym so he didn't have to take it during school and can pick up extra class. He now just finished the class room part of drivers ed, and has two more on road driving with instructor. Then he gets to get his liscense...Michael will be a junior this year. My prayer is he does as good this coming year as he has in the past and we get through it with out any problems or accidents. I thank you Michael for being the son you are. I am so very proud of you. Love you Mom.

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