Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our New England Trip

Wow these are Lupines, and are so pretty. In New England they have these all along the roads. it is so nice driving and seeing these just swaying and in big groups of purple coloring. An yes, of course I started our trip blog out with flowers, we just love flower gardens.

It was just the three of us on this trip, and boy did we miss our oldest. But our little princess thought putting gas in the car each time was alot of fun... (now those that know us know you wouldn't catch me doing this) LOL. So daddy and Autumn did the gas thing each time.

This is my wonderful Hubby coming out of his soon to be new office in three weeks. It is very nice and he had some info he needed so we stopped by to see. This trip was a vacation/work trip for Hubby and we got to come along with him. He enjoyed us there. He has many stores up here and has a group of his people that work out of this office as well as his office here at home. We are so very proud of him and thankfull to God for his job and the wonderful people the work in his region. It is such a blessing that Hubby has a job and that he loves what he does. Thanks Honey for taking care of us and all the hard work you do ( even though we tease you on how hard u work)

Here is Hubby and I on the Hertz bus going from airport in Boston to get our rental car.. and it was raining!!!!

Here is Autumn and this is all new to her. She has never been to Maine or Boston. She did pretty good this week. We left our home town around 7:30 am and got in to Boston at 8:50 am it is a straight flight. So we had 7 full days away. It wasn't the best weather for this time of year but we were together and made lemonade every time we got a lemon......(rain, cold, wind)

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