Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finishing Up July 4th Weekend

I got my picture order wrong but since this is first... This is my Dear friend Susie and My little Anna banana, well actually her's and Ronnie kinda got cut off...I'm sorry. Well this is how the story goes, little Anna when hubby asked her if she wanted to go get some ice cream at Sarris's she said no.... poor hubby he thought she would be soo excited and say YES and jump up and down... but instead she said NO. So he said then do you want candy instead, thats when the YES and jummping up and down came in. Hubby was happy that the two oldest were very excited Sara was OH YES,, YUMM... then the sweet respectful child she is at 13 said you don't have to take us there McDONALDS is fine we can get a sundae or something there it's not as exspensive..WHAT I said.... Honey if Uncle Mike wants to take you then let him take you and enjoy it. All of a sudden out of the dinning room window we hear did someone say something about ICE CREAM????? That came from Miss Megan...The littles didn't really even know what Sarris's was.. but they do now. So all that to say remember I told you Anna didn't want ice cream this picture you can see she is not eating candy.. I got a STRAWBERRY FIELDS SUNDAE...SCOOP OF VANILLA AND SCOOP OF STRAWBERRY WITH STRAWBERRY TOPPING AND LOTTS COOLWHIP WITH A SUGAR CONE STICK. So mine was made first and I got it and said come on Anna lets go gets seat and when Uncle Mike is done you and him can get your candy....I sat down and offered politely my sugar cone stick....WELL thats all it took and she would dip it in my sundae and then she said I need a spoon for those strawberry's and that juice...Guess what I was now sharing with Anna. Hubby took one look and said well I will go get me something else. He and I was going to share, but he saw that was not going to happen. It was funny I got a kick out of her...OH YA SHE EVENHAD THE NERVE TO TAKE ONE OF MY STRAWBERRY'S RIGHT OFF MYYYYY SPOOOONNNN AND SHE ATE IT...LOL My sundae now has a new name it is STRAWBERRY COTTON CANDY!!!! Thats what she called it so I think she may have gotton candy after all????

Here is Uncle Mike asking her about ice cream..Look in the background Miss Sara she thought that was a wonderful idea....The reason I say Uncle is that instead of calling us Mr. and Mrs that is to formal or by name, Sara started calling us Aunt and Uncle. This works good for us we love these children..

Her are the 3 princess's eating there delicious sundae's..Oh cute are they, My sweet girls.

My Autumn is standing infront of an all chocolate display decorated in candy pieces. Oh my goodness did Sarris's smell so good.

After going to get ice cream we headed over to Lori's house again for Ty's 1st birthday...I have never seen so many children under 4 in one spot....It sure was a great weekend. And I can't wait to have a glass of tea and be able to just sit with my friend Lori and catch up....I might be waiting awhile Lori is very busy in her life right now but thats ok. I can wait for a new season in her life when all slows down and you bet I will be first in line to talk......SORRY DEBBIE STEP ASIDE. LOL that is an inside joke between us girls.....

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