Saturday, July 18, 2009


Well as requested by some on how the addition is going, this is a previous picture cutting down the tree. Well I thought that made a mess, honey that is nothing compared to my back yard now. YIKES!!! Here is Hubby and his supervisor the princess as they are pulling out a couple bushes I very much wanted pulled out. They were around my patio, so they are all finally gone!!! Yes...But everything else looks awful.. but I am trying to stay patient and take some deep breath. I do find myself holding my breath....and my head saying think how nice everything will look in a couple monthes, or next spring.... Thats ok it is for a good thing right???
Little supervisor out with her Dad again on the day they dug the foundation. Inspecting and all is good.

Today my parents thought they would get out and take a good look and do some measuring. Dad is trying to explain it all to Mom who is clueless.. but I think starting to see the vision of her new home.

Wow what a difference already. when they dug the whole Mom says wow it looks so big, today after they finished the block she said doesn't it look so small....Our eyes have away of doing this. They are still deciding on an arch doorway going into the bedroom and know door or french doors with glass in them to keep things open looking....we will have to wait and see on this one. Our contractor that is doing this part for us is a christian and boy does it show. He does the neatest work and very pleasant. We even commented on the crawl space how smooth he made it, not bumpy and uneven. My mother-in-law was here while they were working today and the two of them got into a conversation lets say on two subjects not many can ever discuss....Yep your right Religion and politics and I will say it was pretty interesting and they both sure knew their bible and talking of biblical end times...God is so good to bring this wonderful christian man and his son to us. Then to find out he graduated a couple years before me at the same high school. What a small world. Till next time God bless you all and I hope you are enjoying this summer.

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Sue said...

Have no idea about the pictures...will ask Sara, our expert! Can't believe how much is done already! How exciting! Can't wait to see it. Sounds like Autumn is very busy with a lot of fun things...tell her we can't wait to see her Saturday! Love and hugs to you all! ~Suzie~