Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth Of July Weekend In Pittsburgh

Does this look tranquil or what. I so love outside and my trees. But when you add wonderful friends to share it, how much better can it get....Well it did we had yummy food and the most awesome homemade birthday cake.....ahhhh. We were at our very dear friends Susie and Ron's and their wonderful children Megan, Sara, Ronnie and Anna banana....This was after dinner on the 4th we had are you ready for this ...Ribs, potatoes,and coleslaw is that all American or what? It was Ron's birthday and that is his request..Susie it was so very good Thank You...Also I got to meet Ron's mother they call her Ro Ro., an Ron's Sister and her son and wife and little baby boy soon to arrive...Ron's nephew is in his early twenties and in the military. He is now stationed in Delaware soon to be going to Korea....this is a couple months after his son is born. Wow that will have to be so hard. God we pray for your protection over him while he is away and please take care of his wife and soon to be child...I ask for your protection over them all. It is so heartening to see such young one going to fight for us in this country. I thank God for them and their willingness.

This our dear Megan, who will soon be sweet 16. We will be going back to see her on her birthday in 3 weeks. Look how sweet my little Autumn and her look.

Her is my dear friend Susie making her famous popcorn, oh it is so good... yes I did get the recipe and made it once not as good but this time I got to watch and see how she does it, I bet it will be good this time. We cook it right on the stove like we did before microwaves...

Yes Susie is the cook the baker and I bet soon the candlestick maker...ha ha I am so funny. This is thee best cake, unfortunately I only got 3 bites I thought I'd wait and have some later and it never happened.... You bet I won't wait again...

Here is Papa Ron with his two youngest as we sing happy birthday to him...Look at this cake!! Little Anna and Ronnie sitting with their Papa.. how cute. Oh the weekend wasn't over it was only just beginning stay tuned for later that night.

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Miss Sara said...

Hey, where am I????????? No fair :)
Still love ya'll though... LOL