Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Cheer camp coming, this weekend our girls leave and head to Ohio State for 3 days. This is Autumns first year for this, it is our 8Th thru 12Th grade girls going for competition, skits and dance. The schedule is really full, but I'm sure she will come home with wonderful memories and very tired. This picture they are just coming off the gym floor after a dance. They are ready to go. Practice is over and I got most of our 8Th grade girl's picture before they headed out the door. Today parents were able to come see what they are doing down at Ohio state. It was so cute and some was really funny.

Our 8Th and 9Th grade cheerleaders sitting watching the JV and varsity girls. Look at the wigs on a couple of our girls, really they don't look that way it was from their skit.

Since I was running late after watching the girls and taking some of them home, my Autumn came with me to get my hair cut. And on the way home decided to take a picture. Well I said if you took pictures of me getting it cut why not one of the finished results. So that's when she said oh Mom and I looked and yes I was driving down the road..And they say cell phones are dangerous how about posing for pictures..LOL I had been letting my hair grow out one length, but after two and half years said enough I am starting to look old and hagered..And yes it was the hair not just me looking old!!! So I got some wispy bangs and long layers with angled wispy sides...I feel much better. I am always needing a change of something. My hubby teases me that it is amazing I have kept him around for 26 years ha ha...

Isn't this just a lovely picture... Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

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Miss Sara said...

I like your haircut :) It looks nice :) Cheercamp looks fun!