Monday, July 13, 2009

Change is taking place, Let the fun begin

The fun has begun. Not really it was sad seeing my mulberry bush being cut down..booohooo!! But it is will be so worth the end results of my dad and mom's new in-law suite. This here is my Hubby Mike, looking like Tim tool time if any one remembers that show. He has the saw cutting away. That's my Dad in the background waiting to take the limbs away. Here is Grandpa and my oldest Michael (16) he is laughing because he never lets me get his picture. Well looks like I got a good one here. I love you sunshine.
oops I started righting under picture now.. bear with me.

Now Grandma comes out, and tree is down. Boy does it look bright and big in my backyard now! It will soon have a big addition sitting there. Mom is so very excited.

Hubby is filling his truck with branches that we didn't keep for fire wood. we looked like Sanford and sons. Next morning this all went to the trash.. Tonight the gentleman that is digging the foundation for us is stopping by and if all is good tomorrow at noon he will be here to dig away.

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Sue said...

Your poor Mulberry Tree!!! (lots of good firewood, though!)...and it IS for a good cause! We miss you! Give everyone a hug for us!