Monday, July 6, 2009

Last Day We Spent In Boston

This is taken at Boston Harbor. It was also a cool day, and very very foggy all day. Watching the boats was so peacefull, and calming. Of course Paris as we call her needed a picture taken of her...It had been 4 steps since we took one of her..LOL

This week Michael Jackson had passed away, and this was a group of guys that did street dancing and we stopped in the park to watch. They did a tribute to him, and played his songs. They were really entertaining and funny. There was a big growd around very fast, this was takin right before they started.

Downtown in Boston at the Harbor this was around 1 p.m. and look at the fog. We thought we better check the airline to see if flights were still on time. Well then they were but when we got to the airport, lets just say flights all over the U.S. were delayed. Oh boy we were to leave at 7:15 and they already moved us till 9:00p.m. Not only was the fog a problem they were having problems with landing equipment for the planes..... then our plane was circleing in the sky for awhile and then they said it needed to go over to Rhode Island to get gas and would be back at 10:40.......then it went to 11:40. We called our airline and got a flight out for the next day no charge. So we called the hotel to get a room we stayed at the night before and all was good then they came back on the phone and said I'm sorry we are all sold out!!!!What!!!! So now they are saying in the airport our plane has left Rhode Island and will be in at 12:50 a.m. YAHOOOO we are all excited and other flights by then were leaving none of it made since. So when our flight landed in Boston and the passangers started coming of the plane that they were stuck on for over 8 hours we all started to clap and say WELCOME TO BOSTON!!!!! Boy did they look bad.. we had an 8 hour wait but we were in the airport not a plane. But we did get home safely at 2:40am.... I called my dad to come get us and we were home and in bed very pleased it was our own and had a wonderful nights rest. I am now finally done with our New England Trip. And what a trip it was.....We had great time being together... I love you Hubby and my Autumn. Of course my Michael we missed not having you with us. He had a great time with grandpa and grandma at home.....Thank you Lord for all the Memories we have and for a safe trip.

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