Monday, July 6, 2009

Lobster Dinner Al fresco

Hubby says how can you go to New England and not have Lobstha Dinner.. So he and Autumn had there Lobstha's sitting outside at a Circle K Table outside. Needless to say I took pictures. It was drizzly, and cold out at the end of june it felt like fall. So I saved a Table and they went here to Mike's, picked a couple lobsta's out had them cooked got some drawn buttha, plates fork and napkins. They ran across the street and got 6 hard rolls from the bakery and buttha. They are now good to go.

Here we are back at Circle K picnic table, thanks to hotel towels we had a tablecloth, and away they went cracking it open. Alot of OOOO and AHHHH'S, and OH HONEY YOU HAVE TO TRY IT, COME ON MOM IT IS SOOOO GOOD. Ok I did eat a couple bites I don't think they wanted me to like it to much because they were intense and loving every bit of them.

Autumn had her claw all ready to eat... Saying come on mom look at this....How could she not love it Daddy was getting all the good meat out for her and she was dunking away in the buttha. I don't think they knew anyone else was around, what a sight...What matters is they enjoyed every bit and made some sweet memories.

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