Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It has been raining here lately and with the addition being built I have lost alot of time out visiting with my lovely blooms. Plus my back yard is a mess right now, and not real pretty and soothing to my eyes..But we'll get it together back there soon. I needed to let the dogs out and I grabbed my camera and took some pictures.. Wow my hollyhocks are in bloom this is my pink I also have a white one. See behind it, the grass all messed up from construction. This is the first year we planted Zinnia's and I love them. We started these from seed, and that was a first for us. Now we get to reap what we sowed.. Oh how beautiful they are. Look how vibrant the orange is. But something is eating my leaves. Could it be the same beetles that are eating away on my roses???
Here is my hot pink Zinnia. Isn't she perrrttteeee.

My black eyed susans. I have this bunch in the front coming out,

An this bunch is growing right under my faucet in the shade back by my patio. They aren't as big and strong not enough sun for them.

I sure do love flowers and I don't know of any that I don't like. Our johnny jump ups have been funny this year. They have came back all over the place and even in the front yard we will find one every now and then. We will walk out to the mailbox and turn to walk back and look at lawn, there it is as proud as can be, a couple johnny jump ups looking at me in the middle of the yard. I laugh and call Hubby to come look at it. He digs it up and puts it in the flower garden where it belongs.
You all have a wonderful blessed day.

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