Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Letter From Our Superintendent Of Our Schools

I feel so truly touched by what my Autumn received in the mail today and made me so proud of the school system that we have chosen for our children. This may be nothing to some but I really appreciated this. This is what it said.

Dear Autumn,
Congradulation to you! I am excited to learn that you have earned a spot on the 8Th grade Football Cheerleading Squad for the 2009-2010 school year. How cool! Please know that I am also very proud of you, as well. I know how hard you must physically train, how focused you must be on the cheers and chants, and how athletic you must be in order to handle all the choreography and tumbling in certain routines. This is no small task!
I know how much you wanted this selection! The competition for spots on the various cheering squads was tough. Now that you have earned this wonderful opportunity, I want to be sure that you know of the responsibility that comes with this great time in your life. You will now need to demonstrate class in all that you do, both in and out of school and at game times. Class is being considerate of the consequences your actions have on others. In short, you have to be the consummate "teammate" and ambassador for your family and (our school)
Enjoy this exciting time in your life!

Was that not so nice. All we seem to hear about is the bad in our school and how awful and unfare they are. I truly have to say thank you to all MY children's teachers and staff that they have had. We have been fortunate to have teachers pray with my children during a time when I couldn't be there for quit awhile (do to a brain aneurysm that ruptured) blog on that at another time. Another staff member prayed with my husband and I am so very blest that I can say we still have Wonderful people that love our Lord and are not afraid to let it show.. So I wanted to post this and say once again to all the wonderful Teachers and Staff that are out there.


Jadehollow said...

Hi Jolyn..
First I would like to apologize for not responding sooner.. Life matters have gotten in the way all week and caused me to badly neglect my blog. You had asked about my aneurysm .. Mine was in my right subclavicular artery that leads to my heart. My clot ruptured through the wall of my artery 4 inches from my heart and bled out throughout my chest area.. I had a huge mass that started out the size of an egg just suddenly appear.. and in less than an hour because of the rapid blood flow it grew to the size of a large grapefruit. It was only by the grace of God that it happened that way.. because that rupture is what saved my life... had it not happened this way the clot would have traveled straight into my heart. They rushed me into surgery and repaired the artery and all of the blood was absorbed by my body tissue. I was black an blue from my neck to below my waist. I have to have regular contrast dye tests.. to make sure everything is flowing right... and I do freak at the slightest pain in that area. At the time this all happened a few years ago I was only 35 years old.. way to young for such a thing. I was told.. stress was the main factor.. my bp wasn't regulated. I am a Jeweler, and at that time I had just come off of a very hectic nonstop back to back busy Christmas/Valentine season. I had worked in my Mothers Jewelry store from the time I was 15.. so it was 20 years of stress building. God has truly blessed me.. and Yes I do thank Him daily for allowing me to be here to share life with my family. I hung up my torch and retired my Jewelers loop and I'm now a stay at home Mom enjoying each precious day and praising His Precious Holy Name for it all.
I hope that your problems have been repaired and are suffering no long term effects from it. If ever you need to vent or ask anything.. just drop by and let it rip. I monitor all of my comments so if it's personal I won't publish it. Or if you'd like you can email me anytime at
Have a Blessed Weekend!

Jolyn said...

Thank you so much for sharing,I got chills reading this. I was also 35 when mine happened but like I said it was a brain anurysum, that did rupture and by the grace of God I was home. We were getting up for church Oct 31, and I said I need alittle more time to lay here and thats when it happened. My Hubby and 6 and 4 year old were in the room at the time. I thank God always for my recovery and the miracle of my life. My only side effects are nervous system,like post tramatic stress and panic attacks. Like you said whenever you feel a pain in the area, I get that way with a headache. Thank You again so very much for getting back with me.
Have a wonderful blest day,