Thursday, July 2, 2009

Part two of New England

Mommy and her Autie sitting at the ocean, it can't get better than the ocean, a breeze, good book, the sound of the ocean waves and watching Gods creation, and every time I'm still in ahh. Our God spoke and the ocean is... I really liked the New England looks of the homes and building here. Today was Sat. and about 72 degrees we tried to get some sun and it felt sooo good.

Here is the dynamic duo again this time Autumn is showing her Daddy her snail she found by the rocks. Autumn loves to dig and find things at the ocean like sand crabs and snail, sometimes we have no clue what she had in her hand. She is to funny.

Look Look.... I found a snail..... One minute girly girl next minute well ....we never know with her.

Autumn was getting closer and closer in the ocean the cold water never bothered her at all, with all the excitment I don't think she felt it.. off came her shirt and just a cami and away she went FREE...... Hubby says can you believe her!!!!

Now we are at some boat docks at a pier. She thought the sea gualls were fun. Till later I will show you why....

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