Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This was my childhood best friend when we moved to South Park Pa. This is Lori, and we hadn't talked or seen each other in 25years. Wow it was along time. She was in our wedding in 1984. Lori also was on Mike and I's first date together. Lori had come to visit me in the summer time after we moved back to Ohio and it just so happened that on that Saturday on the 7th of august 1982 Lori was visiting and my Hubby asked me out on a date. I said I don't think I can my friend is here visiting, the gentleman that he is he said bring her of course I said yes!!! and Hubby and I have been together ever since. On the day of this picture was Lori and I's first visit and it was at her home on the 4th of July. We never did get to really talk she was busy, but it was good to see her. Now Lori is Susie's younger sister, Susie is my age and Lori a couple years younger than us. But Lori and I then where friends, and now it seems Susie and I are very close and much more in common now and we hit it off right away like there was not a minute lost..Once again like my blog says seasons of life...Our God brings people in your life sometimes for long periods sometimes just short but all are meant for a reason for them or for our self or both..

Here is the grand poopa of the family this is Mr.B. I got to visit with him and catch up on things over the last 25 years and it was so sweet to have that time to talk. He is very blest to be here also, Mr. B had quadruple bypass heart surgery, I believe it was four of his arteries were very blocked and he never new it. He looks good and doing great. He reminds me of Dustin Hoffman. But he also has a sense of humor...LOL. Susie and Lori, and Pammy's parents divorced around 1984. Mr.B has since remarried to what they all say is a very wonderful wife. She was away to see her two sons and grandchild in Virginia. So hoping to see her in a couple weeks for Megan's Sweet 16 birthday and guess who else's big day that is.. the proud grandpa Mr. B.

This is Lori again at her home on the fourth of July, her hubby Todd was going to be doing fireworks and we were all over to see them. They were really good and it was a beautiful night. Lori's little one's name is Ty and he was turning one the next day on the 5th. So we were back that day for his first birthday more on that later.

Last but definitely not least is the youngest of the girls Pammy. I hadn't seen her since she was 13..at our wedding. She looks great and I also got to spend time with her catching up on life and boy does Pammy have a touching testimony of her life that brought me to tears and to see her now, my heart is happy for her and she is a new person. In so many ways Pammy and I have alot in common. I can't wait till we can really talk again, our time got cut short due to dinner being served. Pammy if you read this I love you girlfriend and you keep a smile on your face and your head held high....Remember our Lord has you here also for a reason...Thanks for sharing parts of your life with me. Can't wait to get together again. Love you all (my second family)

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