Saturday, July 18, 2009


Today was tag day for our cheerleaders. I got the second shift along with my Autumn. What was even nicer as another parent split that with me so I wasn't there the whole time and that was good. So when I got there the girls were smiling so nice and the customers coming in and out of the store were very generous to the girls. This is the third shift for the day coming on and of course we had to get a picture with them, they are all friends. One of the mom's came by she was stopping at all the areas the girls were doing tag day at and took pictures and took one of Autumn and I. How sweet. This is the three girls I stayed with (aren't they adorable)???? We were wondering how people would be on giving this year with the economy and all. I thought we did great but I will find out at the next parents meeting how we did total. We have one girl going into 9Th and my Autumn in 8Th and the other one will be a Senior this year. I got to talk to her about high school, and of course the dances and the dresses and she was telling me about each dance and they either go with a guy or a group of their friends.. and I was getting so excited I know time flies but I can't wait to do the hair and nails and jewelry along with dresses and the shopping...oh how fun think of all the blogging and pictures I can do then...I'm thinking of Cinderella and princesses...oh my I better go.

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Tracy said...

Hi Jolyn! I know how you feel looking forward to seeing your daughter all dressed up for dances and prom. It is so much fun dressing them up when they are little, but they get older and next thing you know it is mostly jeans and t-shirts for years and years! My oldest daughter is getting married next year, and I keep thinking that might be the last time I see her in a dress, lol. Enjoy it!