Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Fun and Cheerleading Has Begun

Look how precious these young lady's are.. this is the cheerleaders for football at one of their get togethers BOWLING...talking and hanging out and talking and talking..All the cheerleaders 8Th thru 12Th had a bowling night and they had alot of fun. As my daughters said "Mom it didn't matter if we were here or at a ice cream stand they just wanted to be together." They did some funny unusual bowling I don't know if they ever had so many gutter balls at one time.. Here goes another one!!!!LOL
Here at the lake tubing with her good friend McKenzie. This was at there get ready set we are taking off stage.. The calm before the storm...Hold on Girls.

And away they went...look how beautiful it was out there. There is something about water that is so peaceful. well it wasn't to peaceful at this moment with the girls but they really had an enjoyable time. With sunburn to go with the day. Oh to be so young again or to have their energy.

So cheerleading has begun and that means practice and fundraisers. We had our car wash, and cookies fundraisers so far. Right now we are getting ready for cheer camp @ Ohio State and they will be competing. It is hard to believe how fast this summer is going. we have had wonderful weather, we really could use some over night steady rains for the gardens and yards. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Have a blessed day.


Sue said...

The lake looks so beautiful! Looks like Autumn is having a great time...we miss her here! (you too!) Believe it or not, I used to water ski when I was Autumn's age! (with Kristin Campbell...remember her?)

We're off to swim today at my cousin's house...can't wait! Blessings on you, my dear friend!

Tracy said...

Hi Jolyn! Thanks for dropping by to pay me a visit. I've looked over your blog and it looks like you are having a great summer with your wonderful family!

You asked about my foyer color, it is Sherwin Williams' "Friendly Yellow". Everyone who comes in the door just loves it.

I'll be back again to visit. Take care!