Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My son and five other students in his class had to do a project on Caesar. They worked for along time on this over Christmas break, a couple days they worked 8 and 9 hours. So today the project was due and their Teacher said it was outstanding the best she ever saw..Of course I was so proud of them I'm mom...but he was so happy, that he liked it, and they got it finished. They had scripts, music, edited video, made costumes, and made a front cover to the video. I wish I could show you all and hear the music, but hear are some pics I took off the video.

Here is my Son as Caesar.

I thought they really did good coming up and making the costumes.

Here is some editing work...They had the credits and everything done. This all took place in a friends basement.

Now I didn't like this scene it was to real to me seeing it as a mom...But Caesar got stabbed. The acting was so real...Can you tell I'm one proud Moma???

I told him I could never think or do this project..He said there were a lot of kids that just started it and it was due today....Awesome Michael great job....Love you...

Just thought I'd show you some things the children are doing in school today.

Thanks and have a great week.



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Sue said...

Wow!!!! Very cool project! Great job, Michael!!!!! It's IS ok to brag, my friend....after all, your the Mom!