Tuesday, January 26, 2010


with some dear friends. Through different resources that we have today it is much easier to get in touch with friends and loved ones we have lost touch with. This is what I was able to do this past weekend and it all started at Verizon, we stopped in to get me a new phone. What a blessing it was when in the door walked one of my dearest friends ever, I even named my daughter after her...Rachelle....it has been years...like way to many and we live 10 minutes away from each other...You talk about one Godly strong loving person this is her.

See I call my blog Seasons of life, because we all go through different things in our life. One season could be a move, another a death, one could be raising our children, illnesses. for whatever season we go through our God brings people in our life that we need for that season. Let me tell you my reuniting of friends this past weekend spent a long Season with me and some of the most treasured times in my family's life as well as one of the most scariest times in our life. And for whatever the reason, I got to talk to some this weekend and be on facebook posting back and forth with others. Seeing all their pictures and changes in their lives...children, grandchildren, living in other states....How precious it has been...I pray that this Season continues..And speaking of prayer...

I so give my most sincere Thanks to each and everyone one of these dear friends in the part they shared with us during one of our most needed times of prayer in our lives. You all know how Thankful we are for my church family and every prayer that was sent to heaven on my behalf during my aneurysm. The comfort you gave to my family and all the time spent with my hubby at the hospital and the care that was given to my children. I will never ever forget or can I ever thank you all enough for everything. If it wasn't for you all and the part you shared in this I don't know what we would have done. So I am so blest to have most of you back and would love to keep it that way, for now I will enjoy this Season we are in.
All my love,

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