Sunday, January 10, 2010


that tries to turn me into a pioneer woman, He is also know as my husband. See he really enjoy's making fires to keep us much so that he wants to heat the house with it only. That means me keeping it going all day and getting wood from the garage if I run out and...well you get the point the post isn't about how I like to turn the heat on and he likes to make the heat..

Today was a relaxing day for me, full of football game playoffs and reading the newspaper drinking my coffee.. and Mr. T started his day making cinnamon rolls for the girls..Oh they smell ed so good that's what I woke up to only to find out the girls ate them late for me. But then he decided to make some homemade bread, he just whips it up like its nothing. This is his 2 loaves after they rose once now rising again. Of course they need to be close to the fire to rise. So yes it is sitting on my family room end table..

He's busted by the camera again. now what are you fixing?? See in that pot he is cooking ALL BEEF hot dogs. Oh my...

Next thing I know he's making sloppy joe's...I'm still in my pj's reading the paper...(it is 2pm though) See Mr. T loves to cook and mostly bake. Sometimes this kitchen is not big enough for two cooks...He's so neat and tidy..I'm like a whirlwind when I'm cooking ..he cleans as he goes I get it done then clean the mess...So he is always wiping behind me!!!

So by days end Mr,T made cinnamon rolls, hot dogs, sloppy joe's and homemade italian bread. Boy did the house smell so good and toasty warm...We ended up eating coney dogs..Delicious thanks Honey....Now I did wash 4 loads of clothes and folded them...don't think I did nothing...I also got some more Christmas things packed away, you can start to see my dinning room again..
Oh what a off to bed.
I pray you all have a terrific week and stay happy and healthy.

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