Friday, January 15, 2010


Now I'm not talking Mickey & Minnie they are really cool and cute

I'm also not talking about the Christmas Mouse...

Or these two cute little mice from Cinderella...
I'm talking the one that invaded my space today. And it all started when I went out to the garage started my SUV and turned to come back in the house...I was stopped dead in my tracks.
I picked up a long white plumbing pipe and hit the door for someone to come to it. Dad opened it and I was yelling get the mouse.....Or have Michael get it....YUCK!!!!!
So I said forget it I 'm not going near that thing so I didn't get my coat...Away I went about my day. Come home open garage..yes you got it looked right at the step to see is the critter was gone NO IT WAS NOT!!!
I called my son home from the Y and said you need to get right home and get this mouse off the steps I can't get in the house...You can imagine he was like just walk over it...WALK OVER IT he must be crazy...Then I left and went to Starbucks to get a drink while I waited for my son to get home. I gave him 5 minutes..LOL But until I finally got a hold of my son I called Mr. T at work and put him on stand by that he may need to come home and get this mouse.....He was laughing so hard and It was totally not funny....
So mouse is gone, I can relax and drama for the day over.....I hope!!!
Have a wonderful weekend,

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Sue said...

How FUNNY!!!!! I am the official mouse catcher around and the cats! Of course, Ronnie has been known to tackle a little bugger with a light sabre, while Meghan stands on furniture, Sara gets a camera, and Anna chases everyone around the room! (of course, this only happens when Ron is sleeping or working!)