Friday, January 29, 2010


My Blue Jays. They are so cute but boy are they loud. A couple days ago I came downstairs and looked out the front door to see about 15 in my Pin Oak Trees.

When the snow is on the ground they are so vibrant looking against all the white. I need to find out why only in the winter do we have them around and after that do I ever see many if at all.

Now in my back yard the Lord almost every day has this little beauty show up in my Hemlocks. I get the biggest tickle and laugh. I say Thank You Lord for this beauty...Oh how child like I get over these birds.

We got a big bag of black oil sunflower seeds for them...well the squirrels love it also. Just thought I'd post my little birds, I so look forward to seeing them and what joy it is...One of the simple things in life I love and our God created each one. Have a wonderful weekend and Monday starts a new month already..The month of Love!!

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