Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Wow it has been awhile since my last posting, every day I had great expectations to post but never did.. I am so very excited for the football games this Sunday...Go Vikings beat the Saints. I so want to see Brett Farve in the Super Bowl.....OK I know most of you don't care and probably don't even know who he is...So moving right along...

This is what I saw looking out the office window yesterday ...cold cloudy dark and dreary, dirty snow. Today totally different well same look but there is SUNSHINE AND WARMTH coming in the windows...AHWWW but it's still very cold out..I can handle that better with SUN.. By the way that's my girl getting the mail after school..

Even the dog was depressed yesterday with this weather....but today they are soaking up the sun.....

See up in the tree, that is our little friends, one of our squirrels we watch all day. We just laugh at them running around playing eating and chasing each other..

I am so blest to be able to stay home and be here when my children get home from school. I'm here to listen to what they did that day and handle anything that should happen or be there to take them where they need to be. I also get the pleasure of helping some mom's out that are at work with getting their child somewhere when needed. One day after school my Autumn was getting picked up to go to a friends house so she wasn't coming right home. But I got a call from one of her girlfriends that really needed me to help her out she missed her ride and it was so freezing out, but she started walking to the Y and she was cold and up set and didn't know what to do. I told her get back to the school she was still close to it and I would be right there. First thing I didn't want her walking by herself and she was not dressed to be in the freezing cold. Anyway I am so very thankful for being a stay at home mom.

See this mess? I'm still working on putting away Christmas items, getting my dining room together. Before Mr. T left for New England Sunday he bought me 4 more storage containers and I still need about 5 more. But I got all the Christmas dishes out of the hutch and but my china a crystal back in.
Now for the next project in our home I want to get the wallpaper off the one wall in D.R. and re-paint the whole room with color like Asian pear from Sherwin and Williams or a Red of some kind or I'm leaning on a copperish color..
I also would love to Paint or put a darker stain on some oak pieces in this room. Does anyone know about a stain you can just wipe on to darken the furniture without all the sanding??
Well between the D.R. and then Mr. T should soon be starting the remodeling of the master bath this should keep us busy till we can get back out side to our FLOWERS!!
Have a lovely day and may God keep you safe and healthy.

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