Friday, February 5, 2010


I really like this month it is short and sweet....and cuddly... Now I am by know means crafty at all. I am the person that will pay to have it made before even thinking of making it. But if you spend any time at all in blog land you see all kinds of crafty items, and begin to think hmmm I can do that..So let me show you some things I took on...

First I have been seeing frames done with wording and monogramming, with cute pictures in them. So I went to dollar store and bought my frame for $1.oo, I went to Jo Ann's got my stick on letters and sheet paper. This one is for February. An while I was there I got march and April items fun I was there 1 1/2 hours...

This is what I ended up with. I put lettering on outside of glass. I was looking for a bigger T but couldn't find it so this is the sizing I went with. I need to put a heart or rose petal on the paper. But it's a start..My thoughts are to change it out each month..Stay tuned

My next project I saw at thoughts from over the rainbow, Susan made this with a round wreath and she used red white and pink. You should stop by and see hers. Anyway I went with a heart shaped and used fuchsia roses and creamy white. Got heart shape for $3.99 at Jo Ann's and roses at dollar store. I know I have some here and that's what I planned on using but I could not find them in my lovely organized basement..I'll save that for another time. So instead of this costing me $3.99 it ended up costing about $12.00.

And here is the finished project. I am so tickled with it. So the $12.00 I spent on it was worth it and when I find the other roses I'm sure I can do something with them.

Here is a little centerpiece I did. I filled up a glass vase with lg conversation hearts. Then I took my cake plate and turned upside down added red cinnamon hearts there and around the bottom I added glass gems with candy kisses and red foil chocolate hearts...The only thing the candy is disappearing fast.....My edible arrangement.

Last I made this bow and added to this wreath I had for the front door. The picture isn't that good, but it doesn't help that I need to repaint my front door..A project for this spring.
So there you have it my February crafts. What I love most is when my children come home from school or Hubby from work and they say Oh look at ..... That is nice...Or Mom how did you do that...Mom you changed things out for Valentines day...It fun to see who notices and what they say.
Have a wonderful week and stay warm...we are expecting snow again around 5 inches or so in our area...starting later today..
Love and God Bless to All


Sara said...

When you decorate, it looks like a professional decorator!

Sue said...

You've done some beautiful crafts! I especially love the heart shaped wreath. 5 inches?! Is that all?! Now they are telling us 10-14 inches....closer to 14 where we live! Other than poor Ron driving...the rest of us are loving this! Let it snow!

Jolyn said...