Saturday, February 6, 2010


I love Kirkland's as you can probably tell. I waited and waited for this arrangement to go on clearance and it finally did, I grabbed it for like $20.00. But I also had a gift card....

Then I got these 3 candle holders and candles on sale for $14.99 They are really different and funky. I love them.

Now I have been looking for awhile for something like this for the foyer, just found it at Kirkland to. It has bronze and black mixed in it. It looks great over the entrance going into the office. I ended up paying $18.00 for this I think it was 30 something to start.

Last but not least my bronzey goldish greenish wineish... vase it is so cool not sure if I will leave it on mantel if so I need something else there with it.. I liked it price was good at $12.99 on sale..

So there it is my shopping adventure after I went to the dentist to have my crown put on. And I might still need to go back for a root canal. He put the crown on temporary, because I had a nerve that hurt so bad...Anyway I said Ouch I'm going shopping after this...then It hurt again and I said now I need a Starbucks Strawberry Mocha double blended with chocolate syrup on top and no coffee base......As I had tears in my eyes...His assistant said and a new outfit and shoes and jewlery to match....I said aahhhuuuu
The sun is now shinning very bright out with all the snow. Front door opened, dogs laying on the rug. Autumn getting ready to go to movies and an overnighter. Michael out at friends house. Dad just made some awsome homemade Italian meatballs for tomorrow. Mom made chili and I have been on this computer...well I have washed clothes and dusted dining room.. but still in my pj's.....So I need to say goodbye dear ones till next time.

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