Saturday, February 6, 2010


In years. We needed this for Christmas. Well February is the month of love, so we will all be in with our family's and that someone special...
speaking of someone special mine has been out in this snow for over 2 1/2 hours now plowing the snow. The car in the road is one of 4 that needed to be cleaned and out of the drive to plow. My Michael would back them up clean them off, then Mike would plow....

Good thing know cars were coming down the road.. or they must have turned thinking hmm the road is blocked.. Look at all the snow on Mikes truck to the left..You can see the end of my tail light ya I'm in the garage with the snow on mine!!!

Our back yard, with a path for my little girls...Lexi and Lizzy

Went over to see mom this morning and she said look out my door, the snow was about 8 inches up the door there.

This picture makes me want to cry....of all people Mike knows I don't like the front yard walked in or messed up...What did he do walked right through the front yard. He was heading up to his dads to get the snow blower....UGGGG

Here he comes. He was gone awhile he may have plowed his dads drive first if it wasn't already done.

Now this is from my back yard today..I didn't have to google image this. One of my cardinals that visits everyday...look how peaceful and vibrant.

Now after shoveling a path for the girls to potty, we looked out the window and our little squirrels were looking for their food we put out every day..So out he went and if you look behind him in the snow is a pitcher of black oiled sunflower seeds..they eat and so does the cardinals.

This is out my front door when I woke up...I said oh my goodness...look at this snow....

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