Friday, February 5, 2010


No not really, I'm not a big Colts fan and could care less for New Orleans...So since my Pittsburgh Steelers aren't in and other teams I like, Green Bay, Eagles,Vikings, Who cares!!!

Now I am Definitely not a poor sport, I will watch, and eat....and be stress free.. The three prints in this picture I received from a wonderful Steeler's friend of mine..I need to get them framed.

This year for Christmas he sent me this framed Picture of Ben Roethlisberger, that was signed. I so love this picture. . I also received this year from the guys at my Hubby's job, a signed football from Franco Harris. That was awesome!!!!
Now for my office area I want to paint it in a Steelers yellow gold and decorate in black and Steelers items I have...Stay tuned for the post...
So I hope if you have a team for the super bowl that you want to win I wish you the best.
We have got about 10 inches of snow now and it is still snowing so hard. It will be a nice cozy weekend to enjoy my family and watch movies and play phase ten....

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