Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'm changing things again. The picture above shows some swatches for material to cover dining room chairs. Either the stripe or the pattern on the 3 bottom ones. The 2 copper color are my curtains. So now I know I need to pick out my paint color...Do I want color....I'm kinda leaning toward a marshmallow Sherwin Williams...or something in grays soft and warm, I'm still thinking on this one..I want the accents to be black and bronze colors with colors of materials...

This picture is of my foyer border I have at chair rail height. Black with bronzey copper, and greens. So I want this to flow into the dining room.

Here is my curtain just draped over what is already there..

Changing out the valance for drapes.

Well until I make my mind up on the paint, I am at a stand still. I would love some comments on this if you have any ideas...Till more is done...have a great weekend and those of us in the deep snow stay warm and those of you with the sun and warmth send some our way...
Love to you all.

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