Sunday, February 14, 2010


My ornery fun loving 16 3/4 year old son..Some of his things he loves is his Lap top, that is sitting on the table..He is very much involved in Dodge Ball. He does a lot of research on his lap top about that and the tournaments that are around..More on his design shirt and dodge ball later this week.

One of his other passions is bowling..he is a great bowler. This is at a match with his High School team. Of course he's the one in the middle back, side view. That day he bowled a 265 and a 240. Way to go my bud, he gets this from his father not me.

Her he is bowling. The pic's are not the best I used my cell phone. But he did get 7 straight strikes...They were all watching him....LOVE IT....

Here he is helping his dad out with one of our snow storms..

Another one of his things he loves is playing Euchre...These guys are a hoot.. David is looking at me like oh now not Mrs. T and her camera again..They all know if you are in our home you will get a picture taken... David in the white hoodie has been apart of our family for at least 10 years now. Sterling, next to Michael they met playing baseball and Max he met in High School.

Look at those smiles... they must be harassing Sterling....I really like his group of friends all in all there is about 14 of them that all hang out together. I love to hear them laugh and the guys always are cutting on each other...Michael has card friends, football friends, x-box friends, dodge ball, and bowling ones...oh and weight lifting and basketball ..they keep themselves busy in good fun ways...A great group...I am so very proud of you Michael

My princess is Autumn, now the girls are another story, so very different than the boys in so many ways.. Here is my Autumn and Jordan after about 4 pics of them they started making faces at me. This is night number 2 for Jordan..Her mom left for Florida with her sisters for a week so shes hanging with us awhile.

Ok they are totally mad at me now....How could I ever get their pictures not being all fixed up, hair not combed and no make-up...The guys don't even pay attention to me when I walk in with the camera...

Autumn fixing dinner for us. Let see we had crescents, rice, corn, and I made Parmesan crusted chicken. Autumn will help every now and then but has a very short attention walking away and forgetting that she is cooking!!!! But this night she popped in the kitchen and out but did a good job.

Good morning Autumn...This is her no school day...Here she comes to tell me all about the plans for the day..She ended up going to Kylie's and they did another video for utube to the song Down..
Autumn is my always on the go can't sit still got to be doing something child... Today her and Jordan are getting ready for Cheer Competitions at Civic Center....
My Autumn is sweet loving and very truthful..She doesn't put up with anything against her values and belief...she will let you know how she feels...she is also very very picky when it comes to boys..I almost feel sorry for them....ha ha..One of the boys on the football team has done everything he can but make her say yes that she will "GO OUT WITH HIM"...I'm sure this will take her far in life and one thing I know she will never make it as a politician...Or she'll be one of the most truth full blunt one around.....HMMM maybe that's what we need.
Oh well I could go on and on about my DRAMA QUEEN but...I'll save it for another day..
God Thank You for Blessing us with two very wonderful healthy children, that for nine years we never thought we'd's all in your timing...and you always have perfect timing...

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