Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hello, wow I think everyday we keep getting more and more snow. Look at this it's growing!!!
My children had no school Monday for presidents day, Then Tuesday off for snow day. I almost thought today we would get it for ice..But they had school except my Boy he is not feeling to good.

My Autumn loves to have manicures and get her nails done. She is very creative with this. Since she is out of money there was no going to have them done sooo she did these her self..Look at the lines and the flowers...Last ones she did were awesome If my nails hadn't broke all off I would have had her do mine... Oh the x on her hand is from cheer comp.

Our little westie Lexi is even looking outside saying please would you melt I haven't been able to get out and run....AWWWW

Speaking of running, all I'm going to say on this one is junior and senior nerf wars!!!! Some bad decisions and some tough love had to be put into action....Moving right along

Autumn after getting home Sunday from competitions and got her Valentines gifts. The Dairy Queen cake was for us all...

Getting ready to head out to cheer comp..Jordan and Autumn are they just not adorable...This is the sweet side of 14.....Gota love these girls....
So that is some randomness over the past weekend and snow days...Hope you all are having a wonderful week.
We are looking forward to our visit to see are great friends in Pittsburgh tomorrow....Autumn is so very happy since we are taking her out of school for the special trip....She never misses school so we are going to have some fun....I heard something about Sue and Ron against Mike and I in bowling playing the wii.....We are ready.....
Love to all have a great weekend, ours will be very busy but fun...God Bless


Sue said...

What fun we had!!!! are the queen of bowling! Love you all!

Debbie said...

I love your daughters nails!!~ They look so much fun....oh to be young again LOL!!~ I also love all your green inspiration the table with the apples!!~ Very neat. Welcome to blog world...beware it is addicting, but not dangerous to one's health...unless you are losing sleep over it LOL!!~