Thursday, September 30, 2010


Just you and I, on a cloudy cool rainy day, It still felt all warm and cozy to me. We had our dinner at Der Dutchmen in Walnut Creek,,my favorite go to place for comfort and home cooked food with a fabulous view.
While in my peaceful place I see animals.. like cows, goats, sheep, a lot of horses. and barn cats and dogs.

We travel back roads like this in the countryside, along with horse and buggy's.

This is their area, we must respect them and their way of life. My stress level is nothing when I'm here. I don't even have to shop or do anything. The atmosphere alone is so calming and peaceful. I feel like I have traveled so far away yet I'm only 45 minutes from home...It can't get much better.

I love the landscaping, all the fields of hay and pastures, along with barns and Amish homes.

There is know hurry and rushing around here. Back roads are fun to drive through. You never know what you will see next.

Here is an Amish home and their barn.. Clothes hanging out on the line.

Our main reason for going here today was to stop at this place called Lehman's. We got our wood burning stove here and we needed a new seal for the door, along with a new steaming pot to set on top for moisture in the air.

Another picture of Lehman's, they have everything you can think of for wood stoves, canning and preserving, non electrical lighting and old looking stoves and refrigerators. There is dishes and kitchen gadgets, little snack bar, home made fudge... old time gum like Grandma always had.

Drive down another road...with a horse and buggy heading home for the day.

another lovely Amish home and barn. They have the neatest gardens and flowers. I am very respectful of not taking pictures of them. They don't like it, so that's why I have pictures of the back of buggy's. This is definitely my go to place to get away..

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