Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Not only is this Autumns first day of school it is here first day of High School..

The princess is starting her Freshmen year. Autumn I wish you all the best, enjoy your high school years. Study hard and have lots of fun. Looking forward to your first homecoming dance..

I'm finally changing out my frame. I last did it for July, here is what it looked like then.

Here is how it looks now. September is here and so are the school days.

Here it sits in the foyer..Wow was the sun bright...aww I love the warmth it brings..

I wish everyone a wonderful blessed school year full of good grades, good health and safety..
We never got Michael's first day picture....He thought he was to old for it I guess...well there won't be anymore first days of school...Next school day for him will be collage....hmmm.

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Sue said...

Happy first day of highschool, Autumn!!!!! Praying that you have a wonderful freshman it for the Lord! Much love to you all!