Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Is this not one of the most beautiful cakes ever? I order this from a place called Cake Lady. Look at the Ivory icing and pearls..

Autumn always looks forward to this cake every year. She wants an elegant, pretty cake...not only is this elegant and pretty it is so delicious.

My Aunt putting a Happy Birthday tiera on Autumn as my niece Sydney is looking at her like REALLY!!!

Sydney, Tyler and Autumn...

OKAY you girls are up to your busted...Look at the guilt..

This was from Autumns last birthday party for the year...I had the family over last night.

This was taken after school the day of her Birthday...Look at the surprise all over face!!! This will always be remembered.

A Victoria Secret gift left on the front porch along with the yard and trees all decorated in balloons and streamers..

By two fabulous friends..Kendal and Karissa...This totally made her birthday day... Not only did they decorate they filled the mailbox full of candy and gum..

After opening her card, that by the way played happy birthday when you opened it..and her gift from the twins, we went to dinner with our family just the four of us. Autumn gets to pick anywhere she wants...and she chose....FRIDAY"S....we had a great dinner and it was the first time in along time just the four of us were together....

Now birthday is over and she has moved on to counting the months till she gets her temps...Got to love them...

Our next big event is next Saturday more birthday for my Mom and Aunt. Then the BIG FIRST HOMECOMING DANCE!!!! Stay tuned..

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