Monday, September 20, 2010


I so love changing rooms around and taking from one room and adding to another for a whole new look. This sconce went from dining room to powder room. It adds very nice ambiance when I put a tea light on.

I had the candlestick, it's been everywhere. I got the candle at flower factory for a couple dollars.

Here I added some glass gems to this glass vase.

Some rock (crystals) to this crystal dish...I used these glass rocks at Christmas time for ice around a centerpiece. Hand towel at TJ maxx for $3.99

I love my new picture! I found this at Kirklands the other day, PERFECT addition to this room. Autumn came home from school and of course noticed it right away and said "Mom, do they have this in pink?" LOL No honey....

It is just so posh and color perfect..along with some classiness....It makes me feel giddy.

This sconce along with the other were also in my dining room, but they were bronze color. So I got some chrome color spray paint and Ta Da...I love it, the shine!

I wasn't planning on leaving this flower all alone in the dollar store vase BUT I kind of like the simplicity of it just like it is. I got the flower at Jo Ann's.

So there it is, a view of some added decor. Take some paint for the walls, borrow from other rooms, and be creative.

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