Monday, September 27, 2010


The day I have dreamed of since being a mom, going through the dances, getting all ready for them...We had a great time with only one break down..that I think was just nerves... Here is my girl at the salon getting her hair done. She already got her mani and pedi done at 8:30am .

A picture of the back of her beautiful..I always tell her when I grow up I want to be just like her.
Wrist corsage, it was gorgeous, I can not believe the price of them now, when I got them in high school they were about 10 to 15 dollars and they were you can double the price plus. See her nails..Aunt Kelly came over on her morning to sleep in to do this for her... and her toes....We thank you so very much.

Autumn and Daddy pic.

Aunt Kelly and Uncle Mike..bless your hearts for taking time to spend this special day with Autumn and coming over to get pictures with us...we both needed you, me for support and thinking about things I may have for got and Autumn for all you did and showing your love to her.

Over at Friends to get pictures of the group...There was about 30 of them guys and girls that got pictures together then went to dinner at 91. Then from there, the dance and back to her friends for all night stay over.

Some of the girls..they all are so one had the same dress...and they all had their own style....PRINCESSES

Another fabulous picture of her and her dear friends.

Look at the laughter and how lovely it was outside that day...It was like a photo shot with paparazzi all adults were snapping pictures at everything and Our first year as freshmen remember!!!

Parents the pictures are over.. away they were going to get to the restaurant....we had an hour of picture taking....Pure Bliss.

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