Saturday, September 11, 2010


We need to always be in remembrance of this today and everyday.

It doesn't matter if you lost a love one or not...We are one, and this has affected us all.

Keep the lights on and pray for the people that lost love ones, pray for the ones that were there and witnessed this all, and pray for each person that went in to save those that were inside the buildings here, and the Pentagon along with the plane in Penn.

We all need to stand united and live in love not anger, anger gets us know where. We are the great Country.. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA..

God bless the brave men and women that fight for us to keep our freedom daily.

We were attacked yes, but now more than ever we must realize how much we need our Savior. We need to all be on our knees for so much, more now than ever.

May they all Rest In Peace, and God may you comfort and protect us all through this time when our country needs you most..Be with all today who have lost their loved ones and may we never forget how precious life is.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jolyn,
I don't mean for this comment to be posted. I just want to point out an error I know you'll want to fix.
Under the 9/11 photo of the Statue of Liberty, you've misspelled United as Untied so it read as the UNTIED STATES OF AMERICA.
I've enjoyed reading your blog. I googled for best birthday cake and the cake for your daughter came up.
You're doing a great job here!
Thanks very much!
Sheila Toomey in Rhode Island