Thursday, September 16, 2010


I should be thinking of this right now, But not yet..I have a lot on my mind right now, so first things first. This will have to wait till we get there in November...when we go to Cabo San Lucas.

Until then I will practice what I preach..and take one day at a time. My Michael is going through his last this and that with High School. He sits here with his head sets on at his computer and I look at this thinking hmmm he has always wanted to be a Air Traffic Controller...What are you thinking now this time he just isn't sure. At times I wonder do we push to hard on our children out of fear for what they will have to face in this world. But we can't tell them or explain enough what it will be like..I so want him to have a great work ethic and be productive in this something that he enjoys and make a living doing it...I want the best for him and to save him of heartaches and hard times. Then as a mom I know that he has to be able to spread his wings and grow, we all go through it. I so dislike the times when you sit and look back and ask why didn't I this or that or if this would have been different. I want both of my children to be strong and independent with strong values and a love for their Lord. I don't want them to have insecurity's or fear....that is the opposite of faith. I have a lot of feelings roaming around in my head right now as my children are now 17 and 15. As I think on this and the tears are flooding my eyes and my emotions are so strong...I just want my children to know if nothing else in the end I truly love them more than anything and that I always have their best intrust at heart. Wow enough on that right now...maybe my fears of things are overwhelming thinking of what if I were in their shoes right now, looking at my future and having to depend on myself along with my God...This all shows I still deal with so much anxiety and fear....I so need to work on this, it is a situation I have been fighting for a long time....

On to some fun things that is going on. This Saturday we are all going to Olive Garden for dinner. Here is a picture from a couple years ago at Olive Garden with my Mom and Aunt and Sister in Law. We will all be there this Saturday to celebrate my Aunt and Mom's birthday Mom's is the 20th and my Aunts is the 18th...afterwards we will all be coming back to our home for Cake and ice cream. There will be 18 of us....So looking forward to this.

The 25th of this month is Autumns first dance at high school. Her freshman homecoming dance. Let's say this is definitely on my mind..Let's see we got dress, it is getting alterations done now. I just ordered her wrist corsage. Hair appointment needed changed to earlier seeing that everyone is meeting for pictures at 4:15. Spray tan is scheduled for Thursday evening and nails on Saturday morning, both Thursday and Saturday morning will be with her Aunt Kelly...Such a special time they will enjoy together. I am so happy that Autumn has a special someone besides me and Grandma that takes interest in her life and truly want to be a part of what goes on. We then have hair appointment at 11:30 and dinner reservations at 5:30...Then finally the Dance!! We still need some black strappy shoes and earrings...I am so excited for this day and so look forward to seeing all the girls turned into princesses. The picture above was of one of her Father daughter dances in elementary school, those days are gone and now its friends that will all be their not Daddy...Oh time you just fly by.

Oh no not again, yep again. This was about 2 years ago as we waited in the waiting room while mom was having back surgery...This time she will be going in for hip surgery. My prayer is that of course all goes great and healing time with therapy is all good, but when this is over that she is able to have a good life and be able to do things. Like walk in the mall without pain, enjoy getting through a day without pain and feel good.
Mom and dad are leaving soon for the outer banks, they have been going there for over 20 years with their friends. Lord please let her have a great week and enjoy herself.
I am so blessed to be able to have my parents here living with me for reasons like this. She is right here, I can take care of her and she won't have to go to rehabilitation center from the hospital. It will be about 3 to 4 months of getting her back till she will be completely healed from surgery...Good old mom is already worrying how she is going to go Christmas God love her.


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