Saturday, March 6, 2010


The Lord sure gave us a beautiful weekend full of 40 degrees and sunshine. Now some of you might laugh and say beautiful at 40 degrees, well for around here that is a heat wave right now. This week 50's..woo whoo... One reason we were out was my hubby is painting the base trim from my dining room...YES finally I am getting rid of some of this oak I so do not like...White clean fresh trim....AWW. He sanded the stain and put 2 coats of marshmallow and 2 coats of high gloss white..It looks so very nice LOVE IT!!!!!

This is funny. as we were out and about Saturday, we were getting out of the truck and discovered this when coming home. It is a pile of acorns. As the snow has melted it has uncovered the chipmunks little stash.. There was a whole line dug thru the snow pile to this stash and out the other end... to cute...

Now this doesn't look to appealing now, I couldn't eat mine as fast as Mr. T did, but it was sooo very good. See we have this ice cream place called Taggerts in Canton that is just a little old ice cream restaurant area very popular and busy. They make their own ice cream. They also make their pecans that are roasted and salted and so very divine...I got the butter pecan ice cream with pecans and caramel topping ... this was our dinner Saturday night..The fun part was Mr. T and I were laughing and carrying on like to kids.. then I looked up and across from us were two teenage couples looking at us and laughing...I looked over and we all started laughing...I guess you needed to be there.. But it sure is nice to forget about the cares of the world and let loose and laugh...

See everyone was out and about because it was Saturday and the sun was out and it was about 40 some degrees..This is one of Mr. T's stores and we stopped to get gas and a truck wash...And so was everyone else....It was lined with cars waiting for a bath...I guess business was good!!!

When we were out we stopped for lunch at our favorite Chinese Buffet. This is a picture of our fortune cookies and fortunes mine was good Mr.T's said when a turtle looses its shell is it homeless or naked????

Mr.T is saying under his smile (you r so embarrassing put that camera away) ha ha ha luv it!!!
I just have this streak about me when someone tells me not to do something or tells me no....You can bet I'll do it....LOL

We had such a productive and wonderful weekend, but it sure did fly by very fast. I know everyone was out around here, it was like the day before Christmas at the stores and on the roads...maybe some shopping for spring break others for Easter. But mostly just to get out and take in all the vitiman D.... I hope you were able to enjoy the weather and all was good. Have a wonderful week.

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Sue said...

Oh, I can just picture you two laughing and carrying on...wish we could have joined you! And, you with that camera!!! Jolyn....I want your icecream! Extra pecans! (hold the caramel...too sweet, even for me!) Glad you and Mike had such a special day together! Watching the two of you makes me smile! Love you both!