Friday, March 26, 2010


Flowers and gardening..But at 8 pm last night.
the weather had something much different in mind...I turned the back porch light on to let my girls out for night night potty...and what did my eyes see???

not this flower, not even close..oh no it was snowing so hard, that it was like a blizzard coming through. I thought I already went night night and was having a nightmare..

I went shook my head as my children are talking about a snow day...A snow day it is March 25Th, no snow day. it will be gone by we had about an inch or so and as of 11:30 am this morning it is still here...YUCK...
BUT they are calling for 70's by end of next week, meaning a nice beautiful Easter Sunday...OK I can forget about the snow today and I will go back to thinking about my wonderful flowers and planting we will do soon.
Have a fabulous weekend all.

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