Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hello, I wanted to tell you about one of our Easter time traditions. Have you heard of Resurrection Eggs? It makes telling the true story of Easter so much fun to the little ones. As mine grew older then we got into the scripture and what each item represents.

You can communicate to children at their level, with objects and stories. Here you can see the twelve colorful eggs, they contain items that symbolize events in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. A book is included and explains and tells stories that reveals the significance of each object.

I was trying to show on the carton it gives the color of the egg and what is inside. So starting 12 days before Easter I will post each day starting with my first egg and going to Easter morning. That will begin on march 24. So stay tuned and comment on your Easter traditions you do now or when you were younger.
I hope you are all having the nice sunny warm (well for us its warm) weather, and you are out enjoying it..

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