Saturday, March 13, 2010


I'm looking back at last years flowers in March, this is what we had starting.. First our little forsythia tree, this was it's first year here to see it bloom. we got it the year before, actually we saved it. At one of Mr.T's stores he was getting ready to rebuild on, we pulled this out and brought it home, the other two that were there were dead. So I guess you can say we have watched over this one.

I love walking around the yard this time of year when all is coming to life. This week was a first to get out after all this snow, and now the snow is all melted away...YIPPY..But I haven't got pictures yet for this year.

Our Hyacinths boy do they smell so good. I love them. Mr.T just took a rake to pull some leaves off the hyacinths and they are about 3 inches up but very yellow looking now.
Today it has rained and drizzled all day long with clouds, so Hopefully in the coming week from the rain and then some sun things will start blooming and waking up.
I love this time of year, when all comes alive. I think about Easter and the Resurrection of Jesus, HE IS ALIVE HE HAS RISEN from the dead..This time of year all of the outdoors is coming to blooming, grass growing again and green along with the trees all the leaves coming all comes alive in spring.
Have a wonderful weekend and tomorrow I will post about our first Sunday in our new church building,,we are so very excited...till then

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