Sunday, March 14, 2010


Welcome to our new church building. we have waited over two years for this day, and today was our first service at Faith Family Church.... My first picture is from our seat looking out to the platform where Pastor preaches and choir sings.

This is a picture of my parents at there seat. Sorry so dark all lights weren't on yet.

Meet our pastor, pastor Mike Cameneti and his wife Barb, my Autumn took this picture off one of the screens. You can see their little grandson in the background.

This is a picture taken during worship time. It was so neat to see and hear not only our whole choir but also our whole church family in one service. We have had three Sunday services for awhile now and the choir has been split between the services..How awesome it was to hear all of us during worship...We had over 3,300 people there today, and over 25 people went forward for salvation or rededicating their lives to our Lord..we give God all the glory and honor..
What a sweet day it was. I pray you all had a wonderful weekend and an even better week ahead.


Pam @ Design Fanatic said...

How fantastic is that!!! I bet you & your whole church are on cloud 9!

Sue said...

Praise the Lord!!! I can't wait to worship with you, my dear friend...what a blessing you are to me! Love you!

Sara said...

Wow! BIGGGGGG CHURCH! I like it though, choirs are cool!

Wendy said...

I got goose bumps just thinking about how beautiful it must have sounded with a choir that large and in a church that big. Amazing:)