Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today is Tuesday and the Mr. sun has decided to shine..as the week goes on it is to be in the mid to upper 70's. That will be wonderful and much needed.
Our Michael is in North Carolina this week for spring break with his good friend David and family. Got there safe and on first night they had tornado's touch down in surrounding areas. They are doing good. Yesterday I text him and he was just getting back from visiting Duke University, Michael really liked it. He has always liked Duke. They were heading to the hotel till dinner. I got a really good picture sent to me last night while they were eating dinner...This was a very nice place where they bring like 10 different meats to the table then all the seafood you can eat...If you know my Michael he is very plain....So of course I text back and said Michael a hot dog is not seafood...The inside joke to this is when Michael and David were in elementary school maybe 4Th grade we took them to the Cleveland Indians game and we had tickets to the Turf Club at that time, That is where you can dine in side and still watch the game or you can have your dinner then go out to the seats outside..Anyway we all ordered dinner and David ordered ( mind you he ordered by himself) he said to the Lady I will have a strip steak done medium and b. potato with butter salad..... the Mr T asked if he wanted any shrimp cocktail and David said ya sure...Meanwhile we all order the waitress looks at my Michael and asked what she could get him and he said...I'LL WAIT TILL WE GET TO OUR SEATS FOR A HOT DOG!!! we all just busted up laughing and Michael looks at David and says are you going to eat this stuff???? It was hilarious... So when he told me about dinner last night I was laughing inside...
I do miss him, but so glad he was able to get away and enjoy himself and experience different things..
This week Autumn and I are hanging out, we are BUDS for the week. Yesterday we got to go over to my cousins and help remove wallpaper from her bathrooms...You are probably thinking yuck..well first off I enjoy doing this it's like therapy for me...But the talks and the laughs us three had together was priceless....Autumn and Kelly was doing master bath and I did the main bath...They were in there talking away and laughing, every time I made a noice Kelly would yell YOU OK....yes I'm fine....we have music playing and then we got lunch...Autumn got to choose where we got lunch since it is her spring break....That's what Kelly told her so pizza it was...Kelly said you like taco pizza...I said WHAT is that....She ordered it from pizza hut with out red onions and let me tell you it was delish....I so loved it and am having it for dinner tonight..Kelly and Mike have been redoing there home and it looks wonderful, they have worked very hard and it shows..I will get some pic to post when I go back to help to my cousin Mikes office wallpaper..
Speaking of their hard work in remodeling there home they have also be doing a lot of nursing..See my Aunt Karen had fell back in January and broke her shoulder and they were taking care of her every day along with my Mom a couple days and myself she is just now getting around to being able to be alone and last week my Uncle had back surgery. We praise God it went so very good and he is doing fabulous...nothing like when my Aunt had hers it was awful...I thought she was paralyzed for life....So just saying Mike and Kelly have been very busy, and they have been fabulous to my Aunt and Uncle..
So today, Autumn and I are going to try and catch up on some cleaning, and then Autumn is having Madison over night and they will hang out tomorrow till church then we will go to church. Madison went with Autumn last week to youth service and Loved it so did another friend they have. I have no problem getting the girls to youth service on Wednesdays I am so happy they are so excited to go. I will get my food shopping done for Easter dinner on Wednesday since We are having Easter dinner at our home...
Well just thought I'd journal some things going on around here catch up with you all again soon. We are going to enjoy our week of Easter break and nice weather..
Love to All,


Cheri said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I appreciate it! Sounds like you are having a busy week with lots of great sunshine. My hubby is in NC also - can't wait for him to come home. Sun is shining here too.....pretty soon we can open the pool!


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