Friday, June 5, 2009

What a blessed week this has been

God is so good. He always knows what I need and when. This week not only did I get to reunite with my friend Susie and her two oldest girls, I got to go yesterday to Toledo to visit my dear friend Donna. I personally found thru the years that true friends are very hard to find for me. But when you have a friend that you can pick up the phone and call any time and pick up where you left off and monthes even years past, and you just continue like know time past at all. Well this is the week I was able to have and it feels so good. I have been kind of going thru some struggles and thru are talks and mentering I have a little better bounce in my step. I feel the softer side of me, the life wanting to come out again. I guess I have been a little down and out you can say. I just want to thank my Lord for always being with me and never forsakening me. Some of this may not make any sence, but I need to just blog out my feelings. We are in the Season of newness right now, with all the flowers growing and the gardens being planted this is my Season right now of more growth in my Lord, and having the will to want to grow, is a big step right now.

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