Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This week i went to Pennsylvania to stay with some good friends! :] In this picture above is of Sara and I. We just got done from horse back riding at Rolling Hills! It was so much fun!! Also I have been doing this with them through out the week! I got here on Sunday and will be leaving on Friday to go to Sugar Creek to meet my parents and we will all have a chat. :] So far has been great! On Sunday ( the day I got here ) our parents had a chat and ate a great meal they prepared for us. Monday we had babysitting and Maidens ( a bible study group they are involved in ). It was lots of fun! Tuesday we went horse back riding!! There are lots of pictures provided!! ENJOY!
This is me ( my first time on a horse without someone walking beside me!! ) The horse I rode on was named Bugly. A very cute name! (not) ha oh well. I had a great time though. Bugly was a character! He would walk so slow when we needed to get up a hill or move quickly, he would run when ever he pleased, like when there was no running aloud he ran sooooo fast! It was fun though!

This is Sara and I ready to RIDE!! Her horses name was Lumpy. ( He had lots of Lumps )

Me again on Bugly!! ;]

This is Sara and I waiting for our horses to be brought out.
I had a blast!

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Jolyn said...

I love it. you all look like it was soo much fun. i just want to cry, i am so filled with such a peacfulness of gods love and seeing it thru you all. Words can't express this feeling. I thank you Lord for these angels that we call friends...This is what it is all about the Love of one another. Love you all